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Congratulations 2017 Caregivers of the Year!



Kady T.

Kady T.

ApexCare is excited and honored to announce that Kady Toure-Smar, is our Heart and Soul Award winner for 2017. Kady is such an amazing and wonderful person, and she has a caring and nurturing heart. There are several positive attributes about Kady, and we’re delighted that she shares them with us. Kady is dedicated to her clients, she is loyal, reliable, understanding and truly believes in working as a team. ApexCare strongly believes in teamwork and working together to give our best to all whom we serve. Kady has shown ApexCare that she is a positive influence and contributor to our mission statement and team.

Kady is originally from West Africa and she migrated to New York over 15 years ago. She worked as a caregiver before leaving New York and moving to California. Kady worked for different home care agencies, and in 2008 she was hired on with ApexCare. Kady has expressed that working for ApexCare has been quite the experience and she is thankful for being another addition to our family.

Kady’s strong family bond and the influence of her grandmother, who passed away several years ago, has kept her grounded. When Kady is caring for her clients, she’s mentioned that she cares for them as if she is caring for her grandmother. The moral values that both her mother and grandmother instilled in her, is what drives her to care for, respect, and love people in general. Kady has a heart of gold and it truly shows through her performance. Kady has the willingness and attitude to adapt to changes when needed for the betterment of her clients and team members.

When Kady was asked about what brings joy to her life; she mentioned her two sons. Kady is thrilled to say that she has successfully raised, two college-educated young men. Both of her sons have professional careers and they graduated at the top of their class. One is a Registered Nurse and the other is a Mechanical Engineer. Kady is a proud woman, yet humble and she knows that hard work pays off in the end. Kady has worked more than one job at a time throughout her lifetime and has no complaints. She states that her peace of mind, happiness, and fulfillment she feels when caring for others, are special to her.

Kady, we cannot thank you enough for being the honest and sincere person that you are. It’s amazing that you have been with us for 10 years and counting (which speaks great volume on your behalf). There are not enough words to thank you for your service, nevertheless, we aim to say and show you our gratitude. This Heart and Soul Award is more than well deserved, it comes with great appreciation and reverence in presenting this to you. Congratulations Kady!!!






The Stockton/Modesto office is so very proud to present Tina L. as our Caregiver of the Year for 2017! Tina has made a lasting impact on her clients’ family for the compassionate care of their mom. “Makes my job easier, very caring, good at her job, very helpful, never hesitates to help out or fill in when needed. Even when my mom is having a difficult day, Tina has a way of just making her feel good,” said one family member.

Tina has so many outstanding qualities but what stands out most is her dedication and dependability. She has been a long-term HCA for one of our Stockton clients where consistency is critical, and Tina has always been exceptional in this area. She has been our go-to person on numerous occasions and doesn’t hesitate to step in and help us whenever possible.

For more than 11 years, Tina has cared for many of our clients. Our Community Relations Manager, Dorie, remembers hiring Tina. Dorie states “many time she would turn to Tina at any time of day or night for help with clients. In one instance, Tina drove over 50 miles for a 3-hour shift, just so the client didn’t go without care”. Tina will stop by the office from time to time and always brings a smile to brighten our day.

Tina, you are an invaluable member of our Team. We thank you so much for your dedication. We truly do appreciate all you do.



Heather B.

Heather B.

The Stockton/Modesto office is proud to present Heather B. as one of our Runner-Up Caregivers of the Year for 2017. The first thing that comes to mind about Heather is “Goes Above and Beyond” in every aspect of her job. Heather started with ApexCare a little less than a year ago, but what an impact she has made with our clients. Time and time again she has shown us what a dedicated and dependable HCA she is. I remember on the day of her Orientation, she jumped right in and accepted 24-hour shifts for a client from our Sacramento office. This was a last-minute fill-in and Heather dropped everything to head out to Roseville to cover the shifts.

She is an excellent caregiver and a true team player with a positive attitude and compassion for caregiving. Thank you, Heather, for all your hard work and dedication to ApexCare and for truly making a difference in the lives of our clients. You are an invaluable member of our Team and a true reflection of the ApexCare Core Values. We truly do appreciate all you do.



Rosie C.

Rosie C.

The Stockton/Modesto office is so very proud to present Rosie C. as our Runner-Up Caregiver of the Year for 2017.

Everyone here at the Stockton office agrees wholeheartedly with the representative of our clients’ family when he had this to say about Rosie. “Rosie is extremely hard-working, doesn’t hesitate to go above and beyond what is required of her, never complains about anything, dependable, always arrives early to start her shift and if need be will not hesitate to stay later if the need arises. She is a pleasure to work with and makes everyone else’s job easier because of her work ethic and desire to do a good job”.

Rosie has dedicated over 16 years in caring for our clients. I wish everyone had the opportunity to meet Rosie. She is the most kind-hearted person I have ever had the opportunity to meet. A shining example of what it means to provide quality, loving care. Rosie goes way above and beyond in every aspect of her job and does this in a manner of grace and dignity; always treating our client with honor and respect. I think of all the past clients she has cared for and know that through her caring ways she truly has made a difference in their quality of life and has brought so much joy to so many people. It is truly a privilege to work with Rosie.

Thank you, Rosie, for your kind and compassionate approach to providing care to our clients. You truly are a remarkable person with a kind soul.




Gena A.

Gena A.

We would like to say congratulations to Gena for being one of our Runner’s Up for Caregiver of the Year! Gena has worked for ApexCare since 2013. In the time Gena has worked for ApexCare, she has taken on many sensitive and difficult clients and has always been a success. Gena is a Home Care Aide we know we can count on to always be on her shifts and to readjust her schedule when there is a client need. Over the past year, Gena has worked for one particular client that has had many ups and downs and through it all Gena has remained committed and flexible. There have been many times we have called Gena and asked her to help us out with an extra shift in order to keep consistency for her client and almost always she is willing and able to make it work. Gena always has a positive attitude and her clients tell us that she is very proactive. Thank you for all your hard work, Gena!




Pam S.

Pam S.

We would like to introduce Pamela “Pam” S. as one of the Caregivers of the Year Runner Up’s for the Sacramento Office. Pam has worked with ApexCare since 2009. Since the beginning, Pam has been a Home Care Aide that our office knew we could count on. Pam has worked with many of our clients and always gets great feedback from her client’s. Pam has been working with the same three clients for many years and all three of her clients absolutely love Pam. Pam is always willing to step up and help the office whenever there is any need that she can fill and our office truly appreciates this! Thank you so much, Pam, for all your hard work over the years, this award is well deserved!



Veronica R.
Valerie L.
Jose K.
Marlana G.


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Jason Wu, President

President at ApexCare
I first became aware of the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s disease ten years ago when my grandmother was diagnosed with this disease.I saw firsthand how critical it was to have a loving family or caregiver to ensure my grandmother’s safety and daily well-being.My grandmother was fortunate enough to have close family members who cared for her as her Alzheimer’s disease progressed.

Since then, I have had a strong interest in helping and supporting our senior community as they age and are unable to care for themselves.Coming from a family of physicians, I am excited to be involved in the medical community by providing the highest levels of non-clinical in-home care to our clients and their families.With my work experience, I firmly believe that ApexCare can touch many lives and have a great impact on our local senior community.

Prior to joining ApexCare, I worked in a wide variety of industries and have owned multiple businesses ranging from construction to mortgage banking.Outside of work, I am an active youth soccer and basketball coach, having coached recreational soccer for over 8 years and elementary school basketball for over 4 years.I graduated with a BS in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and received a Masters of Management degree from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.My career has been focused on building great organizations that deliver the highest absolute levels of service to our clients.I look forward to continuing this passion with ApexCare.

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