Providing Home Care in Sacramento, Placer, Yolo,
Solano, San Joaquin, and Stanislaus counties.

Stockton: 209-478-9111
Modesto: 209-525-9111
Davis: 530-844-9111
Sacramento: 916-924-9111
Roseville: 916-242-9111
Vacaville: 707-421-9111

Toll Free: 877-916-9111

What Customers are Saying

Anonymous - October 2017

"I would recommend ApexCare because they have a great staff. They do everything I ask them to do."


Lonte R - October 2017

"ApexCare has great personnel."


Barbara P - October 2017

"ApexCare has been awesome. They are very good at communicating with me. They were willing to work with me, and they are flexible in their scheduling. I can call them whenever."


Barbara R - October 2017

"I get along with my caregiver because they listen. They help me understand what I need to do and how to do it. They also help me understand how to use technology."


Lonte R - October 2017

"The caregivers from ApexCare are always up doing something. They are never sitting down."


Ed H - September 2017

"The office staff at ApexCare has worked with my schedule. They have been understanding and helpful."


Lorraine G - September 2017

"The office staff calls me if there are any issues and are very quick. They have name tags with their caregivers in big printed letters so the clients can read their names and that is very helpful for me and my mom."


Dennis G - September 2017

"The office staff from ApexCare have been wonderful over the phone because they try to accommodate my concerns and give me a caregiver that meets our needs."


Ed H - September 2017

"ApexCare is reliable and their workers are compassionate and friendly."


Rosemond M - September 2017

"The caregivers are well matched with my needs and preferences. They are professional."


Marlene S - September 2017

"I would recommend ApexCare because I think they do very well! They provide good services and are very caring to me."


Rosemond M - September 2017

"ApexCare is on time, professional in their appearance, self-motivated, and they take the initiative to take care of things. ApexCare is really good at telling me about problems that in need to know about."


Lorraine B - August 2017

"The caregiver from ApexCare is extremely dependable. She is honest, trustworthy, and kind."


Douglas M - August 2017

"ApexCare is prompt, highly professional, and highly skilled."


Coraleta R - August 2017

"I would tell a friend that ApexCare has given us a caregiver that goes the extra mile."


Daniel L - August 2017

"ApexCare strives to provide excellent customer services."


Lorraine B - August 2017

"ApexCare has sent me an outstanding caregiver. We couldn't live without her."


Daniel C - August 2017

"I really like ApexCare's office staff because they know my name, and they are kind of like a friend I haven't met. We can just talk and enjoy each other's company. It is nice to have someone who cares."


Daniel L - August 2017

"The office staff at ApexCare has been helpful by sending competent caregivers to provide services, and if there are changes, they contact me immediately to ensure that things are coordinated promptly."


Coraleta R - August 2017

"The caregivers and Coraleta are well-matched because ApexCare really understands what their clients need."


Katrina R - July 2017

"I looked for caregivers who were clean, compassionate, and had the ability to preform the tasks for the client. ApexCare was able to provide that for me."


Clarence B - July 2017

"The caregivers from ApexCare are all regulars now, and they are very warm, caring, and truly seem to care about my father and are there for him."


Faye E - July 2017

"The office staff at ApexCare is excellent. They call if there are any issues or changes."


Clarence B - July 2017

"ApexCare's office staff schedules the girls to work, and they always make sure they are there. They are friendly and accessible, and I have been able to call them at any time during the day or night with emergencies. They are very efficient."

Barbara H - July 2017

"I was very impressed with the staff, and I had no problem with the billing. I would use them again."


Clarence B - July 2017

"The caregivers from ApexCare truly seem to care about my father. They care for his needs and make sure to socialize with him."


Joe M - July 2017

"The caregivers from ApexCare have asked about my father, and they visit with them, even though they are not scheduled to just visit. They are very compassionate towards him."

Henry M - July 2017

"The services from ApexCare have helped the both of us by giving us both more freedom so we can take care of daily living. I have peace of mind knowing that my loved one is being taken care of and watched."

Clarence B - July 2017

"ApexCare makes life easier by taking care of my father 24 hours a day so I don't have to worry about him being alone or in danger. It gives me peace of mind."


Henry M - July 2017

"ApexCare is a good company because they are reliable and reputable."


Faye E - July 2017

"If you need someone to help you with your house, or some different tasks, choose ApexCare."


Esther E - July 2017

"ApexCare handled the concerns that we voiced. We found a match and the caregiver stayed with my mother until the end."


Bob L - July 2017

"ApexCare has been easy to deal with."

Susan S - July 2017

"ApexCare is very consistent, and the people they send out are very good."


Clarence B - July 2017

"ApexCare's staff is very good, the caregivers are great."


Joe M - July 2017

"ApexCare has been really good to us, and my father is usually hard to work for."


Anonymous - July 2017

"The caregivers from ApexCare arrive on time and they are conscientious about doing what they are asked to do."


Katrina R - July 2017

"The caregivers from ApexCare showed they were hard workers by going above and beyond what I asked them to do."


Clarence B - July 2017

"The caregivers from ApexCare are reliable, very caring, seem fond of my father, and go over and above to keep him healthy and happy."


Joe M - July 2017

"The caregivers from ApexCare are always on time and go above and beyond."


Roderick S - June 2017

"ApexCare's caregivers are very professional and reliable, and the management has been supportive and creative in helping to solve my problems."


Kushmer S - June 2017

"ApexCare was very professional, timely and detail oriented. They actually listened and made sure all the needs were met."


Shirley R - June 2017

"The caregivers from ApexCare are kind, nice, and patient with me. They will hold doors open for me and make sure I am doing alright."


Roderick S - June 2017

"ApexCare's services have made life easier because I don't have to worry about the client being alone. The caregivers are in touch with me, and I don't have to worry about my parents nearly as much. If there is something that I need to know, they let me know."


Joan G - June 2017

"ApexCare has provided reliable care that I feel is very good. It relieves me of concerns and frees up time."


Kushmer S - June 2017

"I needed someone asap. ApexCare got back to me immediately."


Cliff B - June 2017

"The caregivers are a good match for Cliff because they are strong enough to help him. They are also gentle, and they make easy conversation with him."


Judy W - May 2017

"The caregivers are great and provide the care that we ask of them."


Goody R - May 2017

"It has been easy for me to get a caregiver out to the client's place, and I can even prepay. ApexCare is very helpful and personable. They can always get me a caregiver, even if it's at the last minute."


Joan B - May 2017

"I would recommend ApexCare because they're very friendly and efficient."


John F - May 2017

"I can trust the caregivers from ApexCare, and I can be aware of what my husband is doing at all times."


Judy W - May 2017

"ApexCare is really patient with my mom and provides very good service."


Mildred P - April 2017

"I live far away from my mom and can only see her every couple of weeks, so I rely on ApexCare to be my eyes and ears for how she is doing."


Mildred P - April 2017

"The caregiver from ApexCare cares very much about Mildred. She's almost a part of the family."


Ann B - April 2017

"I would tell a friend that ApexCare has been very reliable and friendly."


Rosie S - April 2017

"ApexCare got us a caregiver in a timely manner and stayed on top of things."


Rosie S - April 2017

"The caregiver from ApexCare did everything we asked and was patient with my aunt. She made sure everything was done and went above and beyond."


Jacob G - March 2017

"In terms of the impact on me, the services from ApexCare give me some breathing room. It is a God-send."


Richard C - March 2017

"We couldn't get along without ApexCare. Everything our caregiver does helps immensely."


Martha B - March 2017

"ApexCare gives me comfort knowing that all of my mother's needs are being taken care of."


Douglas M - February 2017

"ApexCare has outstanding caregivers and administration."


Douglas M - February 2017

"I couldn't get along without ApexCare's care. It is total care. I am clothed and fed, and I start my days in good shape because of the care they provide."


David K - January 2017

"The office staff I have called at desperate times and they work hard to come through. They always check in to make sure we are okay."


David K - January 2017

"The caregivers that ApexCare has assigned to us have been prefect for us."


Susan S - January 2017

"I would tell a friend that ApexCare sends out very capable caregivers."

Anonymous - December 2016

"I would tell someone that ApexCare is really caring and is the best in meeting the needs of their clients."

Phyllis A - December 2016

"I would tell someone that ApexCare is an agency that really does look to match you with a caregiver. They came out to talk to me first so they knew what my needs were before they sent out a caregiver."


Buelah F - December 2016

"The services from ApexCare freed me up to do things that I needed to do. The caregiver from ApexCare was a blessing for us!"

Jeanne G - November 2016

"The caregivers from ApexCare were kind and courteous, made sure to check how I was feeling, checked on me after things happened, listened to me, and were very caring."