Why should you or your loved one choose ApexCare?

ApexCare is a one-stop-shop, one source, for both your in-home and out-of-home care needs. If you cannot decide whether to stay home or move to a care facility, our professional and knowledgeable staff are there to walk you through your options step by step.

What is ApexCare's philosophy?

Our philosophy is to always place the needs and welfare of the client above all else; to always respond quickly and efficiently to client needs; to always have compassionate and responsive human contact with our clients; to always have consistent and clear, communication with our client's and those involved in their care needs such as healthcare providers and loved ones.

What is ApexCare's vision statement?

Our vision is to make a difference in the lives of seniors.

What is ApexCare's mission statement?

Our mission is to exemplify excellence in elder care.

Why should we choose ApexCare to assist us with finding a care facility?

  • At ApexCare we do the research and homework for you. Our team has physically assessed more than 90% of the facilities in our service areas.
  • Our case managers are certified RCFE administrators with a full working knowledge of Title 22 regulations and requirements.
  • We also have an extensive computer database with all active Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly available to show facility information and pictures from laptop, smartphone, or tablet.
  • We are dedicated to adding the personal touch to finding a care facility by touring our client's personally. We arrange and accompany our clients on tours to the care homes that fit their needs, likes, and budget making sure that our client's find the perfect match.
  • We can assist with paperwork and programs such as: Physician's reports, Veteran's benefits, obtaining increases in SSI, local IHSS resources, Federal housing options, and more.
  • Lastly, our team helps you get the most for your money by assisting clients in price comparison and fee negotiations.

Can you help find care homes for people with limited incomes or other restrictions?

Yes, in most coverage areas we offer SSI and low income care home placement. In the event we are unable to place you or your loved one in their desired area due to limited income we can assist with finding out of town placement. If you or your loved one have care restrictions such as hospice, insulin injections, colostomy, or peg tube, we have built relationships with care homes that specialize in these types of conditions.

What do you provide with your in-home care services?

  • We have a large caregiver pool of qualified, experienced caregivers.
  • We offer flexible scheduling.
  • There are no minimum hours. Services can be one hour to twenty four hour, live-in services.
  • We provide you with a 24/7 customer service line where someone is available to answer questions and assist you with any care concerns.
  • Free home safety check.

Are your caregivers pre-screened?

Yes, a thorough screening process is completed for every ApexCare employee. We verify education, training and work experience, as well as a full criminal record check, clean and complete DMV record, proof of auto insurance and a current TB clearance.

Who supervises and trains ApexCare Caregivers?

Our local office mangers train and supervise our caregivers. Our Caregivers also receive additional on-going training from our corporate team and The Careology Institute.

What areas do you cover?

Our multiple locations in Northern California allow us to service these counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, El Dorado, Marin, Napa, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Joaquin, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Solano, Stanislaus, and Yolo.

What is the caregiver's scope of work?

Caregivers may provide light housekeeping, transportation, meal preparation, medication monitoring, personal care, supervision, toileting, incontinence care and ambulation/transfer assistance.

What is "light housekeeping?"

Light housekeeping includes cleaning living areas, washing dishes, laundry and changing linens. It would not include moving furniture, washing windows, scrubbing or waxing floors, scouring toilets, tubs or sinks and shampooing carpets.

Will the caregiver provide pet care?

Caregivers may assist with pet care such as feeding, watering and clean up after indoor pets.

Should the caregiver make calls from my home?

Caregivers should only make or receive calls while on duty if it is work related or an emergency.

Can the agreement and rate change?

Due to changes in level of care and scope of work, a change to the service agreement may occur, in these cases an addendum of service is required. If service offerings or policies change, clients will be notified by phone and in writing of all changes. Please contact the office with any schedule changes.

What do I do if the caregiver gets hurts while working in my home?

You should immediately report any incident to ApexCare. We carry Worker's Compensation Insurance to cover work related injuries.

What protection do I have from theft by a caregiver?

ApexCare is bonded for employee dishonesty and carries liability insurance. As a wise precaution you should always secure your valuables, and make a list of your valuables with your home owners insurance. Never give gifts or loans to caregivers. ApexCare is not responsible for the return or repayment of any loans or gifts given willingly by client.

What happens if I ask the caregiver to work overtime or on holidays?

You will be charged for all the hours you require the caregiver to work. If you require a caregiver to work on any of the ApexCare recognized holidays you will be charged 1.5 times the regular rate.

Where should my live-in caregiver sleep?

A separate bedroom is preferred however a room that has been sectioned off is acceptable as long as privacy is offered. Clean linens should be provided.

Should the caregiver get breaks?

Caregivers are paid for all time worked for all cases when they work at your homes. This means that caregiver breaks are not specifically scheduled and should be taken when the client needs are completed and client is also resting.

Should I provide meals for the caregiver?

Meals should be provided for live-in caregivers. The rate you pay for a live-in shift is reduced to reflect the costs of three meals a day. Caregivers are instructed to bring their own snacks.

Can I use another caregiver sent by ApexCare's caregiver?

No, all replacement caregivers must be sent by ApexCare office staff. If a replacement caregiver is ever needed, the office should be notified so an appropriate replacement caregiver can be scheduled.

Can I keep my firearms in my home?

Yes, as long as they are properly stored in a gun safe. We do recommend that clients with any cognitive impairment do not have access to firearms.

How will I be billed?

You will be billed weekly or monthly depending on your service agreement. Our caregivers clock in and out of their shift using a toll free number from your home phone, which generates a time clock entry that is verified daily by our office managers. The time clock entries are then processed weekly to generate an invoice for services.

What is a deposit?

A deposit for service with ApexCare is used as a safety deposit for all in-home care cases so the caregivers can be paid on a weekly basis for services given to clients. Our caregivers receive their paychecks on a weekly basis for service provided to our client's. Our client's receive their first invoice within 1 ½-2 weeks of receiving services from us. There is a 2-3 week gap between when we receive payment and when we pay the caregivers. At the end of services, your deposit will be applied to your final billing statement to pay remaining unpaid invoices. The remaining balance of your deposit will be refunded to you by check.

How do you determine how much my deposit will be?

We offer three service agreement solutions for you. Regular service deposit, monthly billing deposit and prepay. Regular service is billed weekly and a refundable deposit equal to 2 weeks of service is paid by the client to begin services. Monthly billing service is provided for clients who make a refundable deposit equal to 5 weeks of service. Our prepay service is for those needing short term care, no deposit is required however all services are paid for in advance and the remainder of the prepaid amount, if any, will be refunded upon end of service.

What quality assurance is provided?

Our team makes unscheduled visits during the caregiver shift as well as scheduled visits and calls to see how care is going as well as to make observations of client's condition and caregiver's job performance.

Who do I call to discuss my case?

You may call us toll free anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (877) 916-9111, or email us at care@apexcare.com

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