LIFELINE provides a comprehensive range of personal monitoring options to help people continue to live in their own homes - maintaining their independence and their quality of life.

With your 24-hour connection to our highly trained professionals at the Lifeline response Center and the most advanced personal monitoring technologies available, you'll have the peace of mind you need to enjoy a satisfying, independent lifestyles, living safely and securely in your own home.

When you just want to hear a kind voice or are having a minor problem that a neighbor or family member or family can solve, we are here for you. If you need Emergency Help, we send the appropriate assistance immediately. It's all there at the touch of a button with ''Amie'' your Personal Transmitter Pendant and in our innovative personal monitoring systems.

At Lifeline, it's all about giving you the freedom, security and assurance you need to experience a true sense of safety and personal well-being. Your loved ones can take comfort too, in knowing that we're always here to take care of you.

Whenever you need help or reassurance:

1. A press of the button on your personal Transmitter Pendant activates the Help Console in your home.

2. The Help Console dials the Lifeline Response Center And puts you in touch with a professionally trained Operator who asks what kind of help you need.

3. If it's not an emergency Situation, the operator calls one of your ''personal responders'' - a family member of neighbor - who will come to help you. If your call is emergency related, the Operator will send professional help immediately. If you just need the reassurance of talking with someone, our Operators are always happy to take time for you.

Learn more about the Lifeline System at www.lifelinesys.com

HW6000T/3000T Personal Response Systems

Exclusive HW6000T System Features:

  • Automatic Daily Self-Test between the Response Center and the Help Console verifies the system is functioning properly
  • Automatic Pendant Supervisor monitors the Personal Transmitter Pendant for functionality and battery status.
  • Emergency Communication Mode between the Response Center and the Help Console provides ''Enhanced Sensitivity'' of the console microphone and speaker volume, significantly increasing the ability of our Operator to hear you.

Other System Features:

  • Wellness Check-in provides a built-in timer that monitors your activity and alerts the response center automatically if you miss a preset check-time.
  • Convenience Calling answers incoming phone calls through the Pendant, allowing hands-free, two-way conversation without being near the phone.
  • Phone Line Leisure lets the system take control of the phone line plugged into the Help Console to ensure alarm signal transmission to the Response Center.
  • Personal Transmitter Pendant is compact portable and 100% waterproof. It's worn on a neck cord, on the wrist, or on a belt clip.
  • Illuminated Help Button for low light and night visibility.
  • Full duplex Communication provides high quality two-way speech capability.
  • Concealed keypad for convenient local programming.
  • Back-Up Battery automatically recharges in case of power failure.
  • ETL Approved to UL standards 1653 and 1637.
  • Fall Detector detects a serious fall and automatically alerts the Response Center to send assistance (optional feature).

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