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Strokes and your Aging Parent

Caregivers in Stockton CA: Strokes are one of the main causes of disability among seniors. Most strokes are called ischemic strokes and are due to a blocked artery. A doctor’s immediate task is to restore blood flow to the brain. There is a clot-busting drug that, if given within three hours of the first signs of a stroke, can make a huge difference both in survival and recovery. For this reason, it’s important that you, as their family caregiver, know the signs of a stroke in order to get immediate medical attention and give your parent the best chance at a full recovery.

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Should You Be Concerned about Alzheimer’s Disease and Your Loved One?

Elder Care in Stockton CA: Wanting the best for your loved one can often mean that you constantly worry about whether you’re overreacting about certain signs and ailments. One of the biggest for caregivers can be wondering whether your loved one is developing Alzheimer’s disease or not. Always check with your loved one’s doctor to be sure, but some of these signals could help you describe what your loved one is experiencing

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What Causes Dry Mouth in Seniors?

Senior Care in Manteca CA: Just as the name suggests, dry mouth is when an elderly person’s body doesn’t produce enough saliva to do its job. Saliva is an important part of the digestive system and contributes to oral health in many ways. Most people know that saliva is the first step in helping the body digest what it eats and drinks. Saliva also carries food particles away from the teeth and gums, and helps reduce the acids that contribute to tooth decay.

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Helping your Parent with Driving Concerns

Caregivers in Stockton CA: Helping your Parent with Driving Concerns

Caregivers in Stockton CA: Giving up one’s driver’s license is probably one of the most difficult transitions people face as they age. Whether from physical or mental limitations, the thought of being unable to jump in the car and drive where they want to at a moments notice just confirms their continuing loss of independence.

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